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Getting to the Truth: Part III

All right, here's the thing. My analyses are turning out longer than expected, so I'm gonna break them up even more. Here's how I'll breakdown the rest of season 7.

Part III - "Potential," "The Killer in Me," and "First Date."
Part IV - "Get it Done" to "Empty Places."
Part V - The final three episodes, unless they turn out longer, in which case I'll save "Chosen" for Part VI.

Thank you again for waiting and I apologize for the delay. Without much further ado, let's dig deeper into Buffy and Spike's relationship!

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Attention Readers!

It has come to my attention that I actually have some readers who are waiting for me to finish my Getting to the Truth series. I'm very happy at this turn of events and it has inspired me to get back to my Buffy writing!
Hoping to post Part III soon, so stay tuned! :)


Getting to the Truth: Part II

At long last, and just in time for the 10th Anniversary of BtVS, here's Part II of my continuing Intervention post, proving once and for all that Buffy was indeed in love with Spike by the end of the series. This post only breaks down the next 4 episodes, but I really get into lots of details for 'Sleeper" and "Never Leave Me," so I apologize for the length. Nevertheless, let's do this thing!

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Getting to the Truth: Part I

In my previous post, I called for an intervention. It can’t be denied any longer. Buffy loved Spike and was in love with Spike, especially by the end of the series. And, I’m on a mission to prove it to those who don’t believe or don’t want to admit it. :)
Of course, my analysis again turned out longer than expected, only because I really want to hammer all my points and prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that Buffy loved Spike in a real and romantic way. So, I’ll be breaking down season 7, mainly the Buffy and Spike interactions, more in detail than I did before. As a result, there will be 3 (maybe 4) parts:
Part I: “Lessons” – “Conversations with Dead People”
Part II: “Sleeper” – “Showtime”
Part III: “Potential” – “Chosen” (this may be broken down further)
With that said, let’s begin the lesson, ironically with “Lessons.” 

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Why EW? WHY?

Over the past few years, my opinion of "Entertainment Weekly" keeps getting lower and lower. I could go into a long rant about why, but I'll spare the details, lol!

Anyways, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, EW had one of their infamous lists. Today, it's called "25 Great I Love You's." Now, I really shouldn't get all worked out about these lists because they are very often pointless and miss the mark. But, the sight of "I Will Remember You" from Angel making the list made me cringe. I get how this is a heartbreaking scene for some, but really? One of the top 25 greatest "I love you's"? Hell to the no.

Of course, my Spuffy heart says Buffy's "I love you" to Spike in "Chosen" was WAY more heartbreaking and more memorable. Everything had been leading up to that point. I would also even say Buffy and Angel's scene in "Becoming Part 2" is more heartbreaking than IWRY. So, it just annoys me that I see IWRY on this list and nothing from Buffy and Spike (and it's not the first time EW has done this), when I don't think it's one of the greatest "I love you's" in the history of television. Not by a long shot.

Am I going crazy here? Or am I justified to think that, not just because I love Spuffy, but because I really think that scene is not up there with Monica and Chandler from "Friends" (their proposal scene made the list, yet interestingly, nothing from Ross and Rachel did), Cory and Topanga from "Boy Meets World" (their love confession made the list and I have a soft spot for them), or Juliet and Sawyer from "Lost" (their tragic scene made the list)? 

Here's the full list if anyone's interested :),,20465851,00.html


This is an Intervention

Let’s just get to the truth here. Buffy loved Spike. Buffy was in love with Spike. I’ve never seen so much debate over a topic in any fandom, when it is very obvious (no ambiguity whatsoever) that Buffy loved Spike. I’m tired of saying “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions/interpretations.” Yes, that’s true, but in this case, I’m coming out swinging or should I slaying.

It’s time for an intervention. It’s time for the denial to stop and for the truth to be seen and heard.     
So, I’m gonna prove something to all the naysayers. I’m gonna prove Buffy loved Spike and it was more than this simple friendship nonsense. It was love. Real, romantic love. Now, this love did not happen right away and the topic of when Buffy specifically fell in love with Spike is certainly up for discussion.  But, one thing is for damn sure…by the end of the series, Buffy was in love with Spike. And I will prove it. 
Buckle up kids! Daddy’s puttin’ the hammer down!  
Note: My analysis will be in two parts, since it turned out longer than expected. I’ll be going through a lot of episodes, specifically in seasons 6 and 7. As such, the first part focuses a little on season 5, but mostly season 6. The second part focuses entirely on season 7 (yet, I may break this season down into sub-parts). So, for those who are willing to admit their denial, we can begin the intervention. And wouldn’t you know it…that’s the episode where my analysis begins. 
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The First

 Well, I've finally done it. I've set up an online journal! Although I probably should have been studying for the most part of, whom I kidding. I hate studying and procrastination is a good friend of mine, who decided to visit today.  

Anyways, I've always thought about starting an online journal, but I never really knew what I would write about or if people would even read it. Sure, I could always write about movies, TV shows, random thoughts, etc, but would people be interested? Then, a funny thing happened this summer...I started watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Man, did I miss out during the 90s! I've just become obsessed with this series. The film/TV nerd in me has resurfaced and is eager to write, analyze, discuss, and simply have fun! If people start reading what I post, awesome! If not, at least I have an outlet to let out all my thoughts. 

So, I hope to use this online journal to post metas relating to BtVS, specifically with Spuffy because they have become one of my top TV couples, and anything that I feel I want to talk about in relation to other TV shows and movies. 

Until next time, stay classy San Diego ;-)  




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